Screw Pile Installation Checklist:

This screw pile installation checklist will help you prepare for your screw pile installation and help our installers complete your job seamlessly. In the Edmonton, Alberta area we have building codes which need to be followed so you don’t have any compliance issues if you decide to sell your house. This Checklist will help you find the company you may need to contact for underground utility marking, both public and private, engineer companies for stamped foundation drawings and a survey company to help you layout extensive screw pile foundations. Please contact us if you have any question with regards to your install.

 Alberta One Call has marked underground lines this is a free service and they can be contacted at the following link Utility Safety Partners

Alberta One Call will only mark public utilities.

If you have private utilities such as a gas or power line going to a detached garage in close vicinity to the work area or you need to locate your sewer or water lines for pile installations, you may need to call a private locator click here for a list of private locators in Alberta or contact Tierra Geomatics

 For Decks under 2ft most municipalities will not require a permit however, over 2ft a permit will be required. As long as the deck is not over 6ft you should only need our engineered drawing of our pile and torque report for your inspector.

For Decks over 6ft, shops, cabins, mobile homes and house foundations, you will likely be required to provide an engineered foundation drawing. This can be prepared by many engineering companies such as  BIE Engineering Corp.

If you have an extensive pile layout on  your engineered foundation drawing  and you are not comfortable with marking your pile locations companies such as Pals Geomatics should be able to assist you with this.

Prior to install, pile locations must be marked by customer with a painted ‘x’ or nail and flagging.

Minimum width clearance for our smaller track machine – 45″ (for install of 2 3/8″ only).

Minimum width clearance for large track machine large machine – 6′ 8″ (for install of all available sizes).

If you will be using our laser levelling service, we would require a pile height marked on a stake. This will be used as a reference point for our laser level.

Screw Pile Installation