About Us:

Fence Tech Inc. has been installing Engineered Screw Piles in the Edmonton area over the last 12 years. We install high quality engineered helical screw piles manufactured in a CWB Certified facility near Edmonton, Alberta that houses state of the art equipment, providing one of the highest quality screw pile products on the market. These can be custom built to accommodate any application and ground condition.

Our screw piles are built to last as a deep, solid and permanent foundation method for many residential and commercial construction applications. Please fill out the form below and we will send you a quote and we will be happy to send you a quote.

We have also built numerous fences and decks since 2006 with several pictures and reviews of our work at fencetech.ca. If you are interested in a fence or deck quote as well, please complete the quote form at  fencetech.ca/Fence and Deck Quote Form.  Please feel free to Contact Us with any screw pile questions you may have.


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